VAMPIRE is a software tool for efficient semi-automatic assessment of the retinal vasculature in fundus camera images. VAMPIRE is also an international collaborative project,
currently of four image processing groups and five clinical centres. The tool aims to assist users in the quantification of features of the retinal vasculature without requiring any
training in image processing. VAMPIRE has already been used in several studies, which have also served as pilots to improve functionalities and interface. The ultimate vision is to make VAMPIRE available as a public tool.

My activity in the VAMPIRE collaboration is related to the development of image processing algorithm for different analysis tasks: Optic Disc and Macula location and segmentation, vessel segmentation and classification. Results obtained so far have been reported in the following publications:

A. Giachetti; L. Ballerini; E. Trucco; P.J. Wilson, The use of radial symmetry to localize retinal landmarks «COMPUTERIZED MEDICAL IMAGING AND GRAPHICS» , vol. 37 , n. 5-6 , 2013 , pp. 369-376
Andrea Giachetti;Lucia Ballerini;Emanuele Trucco, Accurate and reliable segmentation of the optic disc in digital fundus images «JOURNAL OF MEDICAL IMAGING» , vol. 1 , n. 2 , 2014 , pp. 1-11

A. Giachetti, K. S. Chin, E. Trucco, C. Cobb, P. J. Wilson: Multiresolution localization and segmentation of the optical disc in fundus images using impainted background and vessel information. Proc IEEE ICIP, Brussels, Sep 2011.

A. Perez-Rovira, T. MacGillivray, E. Trucco, K.S. Chin, K.Zutis C. Lupascu, D. Tegolo, A. Giachetti, P.J. Wilson, A. Doney, and B. Dhillon. VAMPIRE: Vessel Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the REtina. 33th International IEEE EMBS Conference (2011), Boston (USA)

Project information: