3D models from CT scans

I worked in several projects related to the reconstructions of vessels (and other organs) from CT (and MRI) images. I developed in this case software using interactively different methods of segmentation: active surfaces, active contours, combined with user interaction. We investigated the use of texture analysis to recognize different tissues in CT images.

We also developed a Web based measurement tool based on reconstructed models, validated during the European project AQUATICS ().

Main collaborators: Gianluigi Zanetti, Massimiliano Tuveri (CRS4)

Relevant publications

A. GIACHETTI, M. TUVERI AND G. ZANETTI, Reconstruction and Web Distribution of Measurable Arterial Models«MEDICAL IMAGE ANALYSIS» , vol. 7 , n. 1 , 2003 , pp. 79-93

A. Giachetti, G. Zanetti, AQUATICS reconstruction software: the design of a diagnostic tool based on computer vision algorithms  in Computer Vision and Mathematical Methods in Medical and Biomedical Image Analysis, ECCV 2004 Workshops CVAMIA and MMBIA a cura di M. Sonka, Ioannis A. Kakadiaris, Jan Kybic , Springer LNCS , Atti di ”ECCV 2004 Workshop CVAMIA” , Prague , 15/05/2004 , 2004 , pp. 48-63


Software: VEST – Vessel segmentation tool