Shapelab is a research group/lab facility of UNIVR lab that is dedicated to different aspects of shape analysis. In particular we work on:

  • Shape acquisition: development of methods to recover 3D models of objects based on vision and depth sensors (Microsof Kinect)
  • Shape measurement and anthropometry: development of methods for estimating measurements with particular focus on human body
  • Shape analysis: development of salient points detection and characterization, global signatures for shape retrieval
  • Visualization and interaction tools for shape analysis

Our lab is provided with depth sensor, acquisition devices, virtual reality viewers and software and tools for antrhopometric validation. Students interested in working on these topics can contact us for stages and Bachelor and Master Thesis.

Main collaborations Silvia Biasotti, Michala Spagnuolo (IMATI CNR, Genova), Daivide Spano (UNICA)

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