InteractionLab is a research group/lab facility that is dedicated to different aspects of Human-Computer Interaction. We have VR setups with Oculus HMDs and interaction and perform research on visualization and object manipulation in VR and gestural interaction in both Virtual and Augmented Reality




Collaborators: Fabio Marco Caputo (Ph.D student), Davide Spano (UNICA) Daniel Mendes, Alfredo Ferreira (Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon)



FM Caputo, P Prebianca, A Carcangiu, LD Spano, A Giachetti Comparing 3D trajectories for simple mid-air gesture recognition Computers & Graphics 73, 17-25 2018

FM Caputo, M Emporio, A Giachetti The Smart Pin: an effective tool for object manipulation in immersive virtual reality environments Computers & Graphics 2018

D Mendes, FM Caputo, A Giachetti, A Ferreira, J Jorge A Survey on 3D Virtual Object Manipulation: From the Desktop to Immersive Virtual Environments Computer Graphics orum 2018

Fabio Marco Caputo, Marco Emporio and0 Andrea Giachetti The Smart Pin: A Novel Object Manipulation Technique for Immersive Virtual Environments  2017 Demo papers, Gothenburg

Fabio Marco Caputo, Pietro Prebianca, Alessandro Carcangiu, Lucio D. Spano, and Andrea Giachetti A 3 Cent Recognizer: Simple and Effective Retrieval and Classification of Mid-air Gestures from Single 3D Traces - EG Smart Tools and Apps in computer Graphics 2017 – Catania, Sept 11-12 2017  DOWNLOAD

Fabio Marco Caputo, Marco Emporio, and Andrea Giachetti Single-Handed vs. Two Handed Manipulation in Virtual Reality: A Novel Metaphor and Experimental Comparisons – EG Smart Tools and Apps in computer Graphics 2017 – Catania, Sept 11-12 2017 DOWNLOAD