The event will be held in the Department of Computer Science of University of Verona (sala Verde).

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Verona offers a large number of accommodation solutions, ranging from 5-star hotels to bed-and-breakfasts and airbnb-like accommodations. You can find an almost full list of hotels and their contacts on the tourism web site of the Municipality of Verona, on well known services (airnbnb, booking, tripadvisor, ...).

How to move in Verona

You can use the public transportation: the city center is well connected to the train station. More information on the website of ATV Verona. Please take care of buying the tickets for the bus before you take the bus (at the newspaper kiosks or “Tabaccheria”, €1.30), and stamp them inside the bus on the stamping machine. Buying tickets on the bus is not always possible and it is more expensive (you will need €1.50 in coins, typically no change given).


You can catch most of the time a taxi at the train station, the airport or Piazza Brà, during the day you can also find taxis at amongst others: Piazza Erbe, Porta Vescovo, Piazza San Zeno, Ospedale Borgo Trento. If you cannot find a taxi you can also call a taxi company at +39045532666. The company’s website is here.