Day 1 - 15/10

10:30 Opening

11:00 Session 1: 3D Reconstruction

  • Alexandru Dancu, Marco Fratarcangeli, Mickaël Fourgeaud, Zlatko Franjcic, Daniel Chindea, and Morten Fjeld. Low-cost Experimental Setups for Mid-air 3D Reconstruction
  • Marco Carletti, Davide Zerbato, Diego Dall'Alba, Andrea Calanca and Paolo Fiorini. Robust 3D Pose Estimation of a Laparoscopic Instrument with three Landmarks
  • Alvise Memo, Ludovico Minto and Pietro Zanuttigh. Exploiting Silhouette Descriptors and Synthetic Data for Hand Gesture Recognition
  • Giampaolo Pagnutti and Pietro Zanuttigh. Scene Segmentation Based on NURBS Surface Fitting Metrics

12:30 Lunch / Sponsors demos

14:00 Keynote talk

  • Enrico Gobbetti -  Director of Visual Computing CRS4, Italy
    Scalable interactive visual exploration of massive volumetric data

15:00 Sponsor presentations

  • SolidThinking
  • ScanInABox

15:30 Thesis awards

16:00 Coffee break - Sponsors demos

16:30 Session 2: Smart Applications

  • Federico Spini, Marco Sportillo, Marco Virgadamo, Enrico Marino, Antonio Bottaro and Alberto Paoluzzi. HIJSON: cartographic document for web modeling of interactive indoor mapping
  • Lorenzo Cesario, Patrizia Parascandolo, Loris Vosilla, Giulia Troglio and Gianni Viano. Automatic GPU-based algorithm for OMERACT-RAMRIS score quantification in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Imon Banerje, Giuseppe Patane and Michela Spagnuolo. SemAnatomy3D: Annotation of Patient-Specific Anatomy
  • Asan Agibetov, Giuseppe Patanè and Michela Spagnuolo. Grontocrawler: Graph-Based Ontology Exploration
  • Andrea Casu, Lucio Davide Spano, Fabio Sorrentino and Riccardo Scateni RiftArt: Bringing Masterpieces in the Classroom through Immersive Virtual Reality

20:00 Conference dinner

Day 2 16/10/2015

9:00 Session 3: Images and rendering

  • Kai Selgrad, Jonas Mueller and Marc Stamminger. Improving Performance for Ray-Traced Shadows in Fully Dynamic Scenes
  • Dario Allegra, Filippo Stanco and Grigori Valenti. A Semi-automatic Algorithm for Applying the Ken Burns Effect
  • Nicola Stefani and Andrea Fusiello. Recovering Intrinsic Images by Minimizing Image Complexity
  • Peter Kán and Hannes Kaufmann. Mobile Multiview Diffuse Texture Extraction

10:30 Coffee break - Sponsors demos
11:00 Lab presentations

  • Image Processing Laboratory (IPLab) University of Catania
  • The Shape and Semantics Modelling Group CNR-IMATI, Sez. Genova, Italy
  • Multimedia Technology and Telecommunications Lab University of Padova
  • CRS4 Visual Computing
  • Vision, Image Processing and Sound (VIPS) - University of Verona
  • CG & HCI Lab at University of Cagliari

12:30 Lunch / sponsors demos
14:00 Special session: Videogames Industry and CG research
15:00 Session 4: Geometry processing

  • Simone Barbieri, Pietro Meloni, Francesco Usai and Riccardo Scateni A tool for creating, editing and repairing curve-skeletons
  • Marco Centin and Alberto Signoroni. RameshCleaner: conservative fixing of triangular meshes
  • Daniela Cabiddu and Marco Attene. Distributed Processing of Large Polygon Meshes
  • Marco Livesu and Riccardo Scateni. Practical Medial Axis Filtering for Occlusion-Aware Contours

16:20 Best Paper award and closing